Brendan Alexander | Donegal Skies

The Milky Way over Glenveagh National ParkSouth West Coast of DonegalNoctilucent Clouds over the AtlanticThe Milky Way, Doochary, Co. Donegal.The Great Pollet Sea Arch & The Northern Milky WayWinter Star Reflections at Crohy HeadMoonset Conjunction over Maghery, Co. DonegalThe Winter Stars Above Maghery, Dungloe, Co. DonegalThe Milky Way over Lough MouranGuided by the StarsAurora In The Rock PoolsFireball from Fintown, Co. DonegalCassiopeia DeepfieldSirius Bruning  Bright Above Crohy Head Signal TowerThe Great Pollet Sea Arch & The Northern Milky WayAurora and Milky Way Glow Over Cruit IslandMilky Way at Crohy Head, DungloeAurora In the Rock PoolsMaximum Eclipse 28 September 2015Orion Setting Behind Crohy Signal Tower