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The Great Pollet Sea Arch & The Northern Milky WayFireball from Fintow, Co. DonegalMoonset Conjunction over Maghery, Co. DonegalThe Great Pollet Sea Arch & The Northern Milky WayNoctilucent CloudsThe Old Church & The Milky WayThe Milky Way, Doochary, Co. Donegal.The Milky Way over Lough MouranAirglow at Crohy HeadOrion and Zodiacal LightMilky Way from the ShoreIn to the WestMaximum Eclipse 28 September 2015Milky Way from Glenveagh National ParkMilky Way from Glenveagh National ParkTranquil Milky Way From Doochary, Co. DonegalPerseid ReflectionGreen Fields & Milky WayGalactic Center Over FintownAurora and Milky Way Glow Over Cruit Island

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